Rust could easily be considered the enemy of any vehicle, especially when it appears on your beloved car. Whether it’s a daily driver or your hand-restored classic car, those menacing brown spots and paint bubbles can strike fear into the hearts of many car owners.

If left untreated, rust doesn’t just ruin the look of your car, but can even spell structural damage and early retirement of your vehicle.

In this blog, we’ll go through exactly what to do if you spot those dreaded rust spots on your car, and exactly how to remove the rust.

How does rust develop?

Rust is a chemical reaction that happens when oxygen and metal molecules collide. This can happen if any of your car’s bare metal is exposed to air, and often follows damage caused by an accident.

Seawater and road salts can make your car rust faster, so it’s important to address the issue as soon as you spot it.

How can you fix rust?

So, what do you do if your car is starting to look more like swiss cheese than your pride and joy?

Your first option (not one we would recommend) is to try to fix the problem yourself with some grit sandpaper and elbow grease. It’s important to remember that this may actually end up being more expensive than taking it to a professional body shop, as you might need to buy specialist tools and equipment to do the job, especially if the rust is bad. Not to mention the risk that you make the rusting process worse than it was before by exposing it to more air or water.

Your second option is to have a professional fix it. Our friendly team of experts can help and have decades of experience fixing these types of rust repair problems. We can remove rust, repaint, and refinish any damaged parts of your vehicle. If any sheet metal needs replacing, we can do so and get your vehicle looking rust free and as good as new.

Fix any rust damage first

Rust can eat right through any metal components on your car, especially your doors or side panels where the metal’s thinner.

The problem with rust holes goes deeper than just cosmetics; they can make your car more susceptible to dents, gashes, and other damage because the metal is much weaker. If you leave these holes untreated, you could be facing a much more expensive repair job in the future.

Rust holes are repaired by cutting out the offending holes and replacing the metal with patches. Understandably, this is a difficult task to complete on your own. This is why it’s important to take your car straight to an auto body mechanic so they can patch the hole areas, remove surrounding and surface rust, and repaint your car properly.

Chips and dents can also be a threat

Many of us know the shock of a rock or stone hitting our car whilst we’re driving along. Aside from potentially cracking your windscreen, these stones can also dent your car and crack the paint and protective coating of your vehicle. This leaves the exposed metal vulnerable to water damage and the dreaded rust.

If you’re looking to buy some time before you can get your car to a professional repair shop, you can buff the problem area with a soft, microfibre cloth and wax your car with a protective wax. This will seal the exposed area and stop the problem from getting worse.

Then you can get to a mechanic who can buff and straighten out any dents, remove any rust, and seamlessly repair the damaged area.

Look for any signs of interior rusting

Interior rust usually happens when condensation or water has gotten inside of your car. This can sometimes happen if you’ve left your car unattended with its windows open or cracked for a long time.

It can also happen if your metal is exposed to any strong, caustic solutions, such as too strong cleaning solution or an accidental nail polish remover spillage,

If you spot any interior rust, you should take your vehicle to an auto body mechanic so an expert can check your metalwork, under your seats, and along your floor for signs of deeper rust problems. In extreme cases, your doors may need replacing, which a professional will be able to quickly, efficiently, and to match your paintwork perfectly.

Based on how bad the rust damage is, repair work can take time and vary in cost, but once the rust is removed, you can enjoy a well-working car again. It’s not a problem that you can ignore as it gets worse over time, so if you spot any rust, it’s vital to get it looked at and repaired as soon as possible. This will keep costs down as much as possible.

For all your car body damage needs, from small dents and scratches to full accident repair, you can trust the experts at Autoprep. No matter the service, we can make your car look and run like new again.

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