Christmas is just around the corner, striking fear into even the most organised of gift-givers. If (like us) you’ve only just started thinking about Christmas presents, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of presents guaranteed to delight car enthusiasts young and old.

Or you can treat yourself this holiday season. Go on, we won’t tell…

Magnetic Smartphone Holder

Ever tried to follow Google Maps on your phone whilst it’s sliding around in your cupholder? Then you’ll know how difficult (and dangerous) it is trying to find your way around the Devon country lanes without crashing into a hedge.

Magnetic phone holders are the best solution to this problem, allowing you to securely affix your phone to your dashboard if you need to use it as a Sat Nav.

And since it’s magnetic, you can just pop your phone out of the holder when you get out of your car and need to use your phone as, well, a phone.

Price range: £

Get it from: Amazon

USB Battery Jump-Starter

Gadgets like this are little-known gems. In fact, they’re nearly unbelievable until you’ve actually used one.

This particular device is so small and innocuous that you can almost keep it in your glovebox and forget about it. Simply charge it up using a USB and it’s ready to go. When you have the misfortune to suffer a flat battery, simply whip it out, hook it up to your battery, and hey-presto – an instant jump start. All without awkwardly having to ask a kind stranger.

Granted, they probably don’t pack enough punch to charge up really big or really flat batteries, but if you’ve accidentally drained your battery by leaving on your lights, they’re a lifesaver.

Price range: ££

Get it from: Amazon

Reversing Camera

Bumps and scrapes won’t haunt you in 2020 with a reversing camera. For that friend or family member with less special awareness, having an extra view of the back of your car can avoid little accidents when parking or manoeuvring. They’ll thank you for saving their paintwork.

There’s a wide range of different models you can get, but you can pick up a fairly basic one for a price that won’t break the bank.

Price range: ££-£££

Get it from: Halfords

Tile Mate

We all know someone who loses their keys before every single trip. Without fail.

This is even worse when you put your keys in a safe place, only to forget where you put them. Argh!

This genius little device is your pocket-sized salvation. Attach the tile to your set of keys, pair it with your smartphone, and simply ask the tile to loudly ring when you can’t find it.

The great thing about is that it works in reverse too – pressing the tile’s button will help you locate your phone.

Price range: £

Get it from: Tile

Classic Car Bookends

Why not allow the car-lover in your life to display their passion in their own home? With these classic car bookends, everyone who visits will see just how much they love classic cars. But, you know, in a classy way.

Price range: £££

Get it from: Not On The High Street

Roav Viva

Ever wish you had Alexa in your car? This nifty gadget allows you to bring a voice assistant into your car, with directions, audiobooks, music and more just a voice command away. This frees up your hands and lets you focus on the road ahead.

Just plug it into your cigarette lighter port and you’re ready to go!

Price range: ££

Get it from: Amazon

1961 Jaguar E-Type Scalextric

Perfect for little car enthusiasts (or just big kids), this limited edition Scalextric set allows you to enjoy the classic 1961 model in miniature. Live your racer fantasies whilst these little classics whizz around the track.

Presented with a beautiful collector’s display box, you might find that these are too lovely to race!

Price range: £££

Get it from: Scalextric

Ferrari F40 Socks

Is it really Christmas if nobody buys you socks?

A great stocking filler or Secret Santa gift, these socks let you jazz up even the most boring outfit with a splash of your favourite car.

Ferrari not your thing? No problem, there are lots of other cars on offer.

Price range: £

Get it from: Car Throttle

Carbon Fibre Wallet

Although the phrase ‘weight reduction’ doesn’t often appear around the turkey-scoffing period, for those who are ‘serious’ motorists, carbon fibre is worth it’s (lack of) weight in gold.

Carbon fibre wallets look stylish, protect your hard-earned cash, and weigh hardly anything. If only carbon fibre car parts were this cheap.

Price range: £

Get it from: Amazon

Goodwood Festival of Speed tickets

Arguably the biggest event of the year for petrolheads, Goodwood Festival of Speed is a mecca for cars and motorsport royalty.

Perfect for families or individuals, this summer festival celebrates all things motoring, from motor heritage to the latest technologies. And with demonstrations going on all day amongst the beautiful West Sussex landscape, there’s plenty to see.

Price range: ££-££££

Get them from: Goodwood


Now, go and make someone’s Christmas extra merry!

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