Paintless dent removal in Exeter from just £45

There are few things in life as soul destroying as returning to your car and finding a dent on one of your gleaming panels. Paintless dent removal (also known as PDR) is a quick and cost-effective method of repairing pesky impressions without damaging paintwork in the process. It is the only way to maintain the manufacturer’s body warranty and keep the factory paint in its original condition.

The process of paintless dent removal involves gently massaging a dent out of place in such a way as to not damage the paintwork or filler. Autoprep’s qualified technicians have manipulated hundreds of car dents, avoiding cracking or chipping paintwork, in order to restore the car back to showroom condition. Dependent on the level of damage, they can even complete the work on the same day.

Paintless dent removal benefits in brief

  • Cost-effective
  • Quick
  • Maintains your car’s value
  • Suitable for almost all dent sizes
  • Avoids discolouration
  • You don’t need to claim on your insurance

How do I know if my car needs paintless dent removal?

Paintless dent removal is right for you if you have a small dent and the paintwork hasn’t been damaged in any way.

Bear in mind that the deeper the dent, the harder it is to get it back to its former condition. However, this method can be used in conjunction with other dent removal practices, by setting up the panel ready for repainting.

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