Unless you surround your car with bubble wrap, scratches are inevitable. Especially in a county like Devon, jam-packed with narrow lanes and untrimmed hedgerows. Paintwork damage is hugely unhealthy for your vehicle. Scratches, scuffs and chips will drive down your resale value. Left untreated, they’ll also lead to rust – a much more expensive problem to sort. Above all, it just looks a bit ugly.

Autoprep Repairs carries out high-quality paintwork repairs to get rid of unsightly scratches as speedily as possible. Using the latest paint technology and systems, our accredited technicians take cars from shabby to showroom, no matter what the scale of the problem. We even match your paintwork to your vehicle’s colour code to make it completely exact.

We also carry out paintwork detailing…

Minor imperfections make a major difference to the overall look and feel of your vehicle. That’s where paintwork detailing comes in. Detailing puts the sparkle in dull paintwork and removes small surface scratches to get your car back to its factory condition.

Paintwork detailing clears up:

  • Swirl marks
  • Fine scratches
  • Bird dropping etchings
  • Buffer marks

Working on small sections of paint at a time, we remove defects, polishing throughout to get your car gleaming to its full potential. Our goal is to have your car rolling off our forecourt with that sought after, glossy finish that everyone craves.

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