If you’ve got a shiny set of alloy wheels on your car, you most likely want to make sure they’re looking their best at all times.

That’s why when you hear the unmistakable screech of your lovely alloy wheels on a curb, your blood often runs cold.

But don’t worry, we can get your alloys looking amazing again. Our alloy wheel repair service means that you don’t have to buy a new set of alloy wheels (hurray!)

Our experienced, dedicated team of specialists at AutoPrep Repairs can carry out alloy wheel repairs in-house in Exeter and have them looking like new in excellent time. We can completely restore both painted and diamond cut alloy wheels. The best part is that our repairs are not only fast, but cost-effective and carried out to an extremely high standard due to our expertise and technology used in the process.

Having your alloy wheels refurbished not only maintains the look of your vehicle, but also helps to prevent any risk of further damage from exposure to weather conditions or corrosive road salts.

If you have things to do while we’re repairing your alloy wheels, then you would be more than welcome to go about your day as normal in our courtesy car.

Our alloy wheel repairs include:

  • Paint repairs
  • Repair of minor defects on the spokes and/rim
  • Cosmetic repairs

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Uploads are limited to a total of 10mb in size and .jpg, .png and .gif file formats