There are hundreds of options for a car enthusiast looking to make their ride sharper and snazzier. Whether you want to increase the performance, turn heads with dazzling aesthetics or exude David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider, here are some of the best options for you.

Top tips for pimping up your car

As painfully tedious as it might be, it’s essential to make sure there are no ramifications that come with your mod choices. There are some alterations that will get you in trouble with the law and others that could end up costing you more than initially intended.

Consider the following:

  • Certain car mods will affect your insurance premiums. On average, a modified car will increase premiums by almost £50. Before you commit, do some research and work out if you can afford the extra expense. And remember that there are some mods, like parking sensors and tow bars, that can actually lower insurance costs.
  • Some mods are illegal in the UK. These include several under-car neon options and darkly tinted windows. If your car wouldn’t look out of place on the Nürburgring, then the likelihood is there’s something illegal on it.
  • Think about your own safety and convenience. Things like hellaflushing might look great, but you’ll be going out your way to avoid those speedbumps!
  • Consider others. A loud exhaust has the potential to upset children, animals and the general public. And the damage caused by excess smoke will upset everyone in the long run…

Top modifications


Changing up your wheels is one of the simplest, and cheapest, ways to pimp up your car. Carefully chosen alloy wheels will help your car stand out from the crowd. A good set of wheels will also enhance every aspect of your car’s performance, from accelerating to braking, and cornering.

Remember, price isn’t always indicative of quality. Sometimes you’re simply buying a brand. Check with your car manufacturer to make sure that your choice of wheel is a suitable fit for your car.



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Stance is very much like marmite. Some love it, some hate it. Generally, though, dropping your car to heroic lows is considered an art amongst avid car lovers.

There are lots of options for a stanced car and some are more cosmetic, whilst others are more convenient. Consider that is can also take time to get a car stanced correctly, with factors such as wheel width, wheel size, camber and spacers all forming part of the delicate jigsaw.

What we’re saying is, don’t expect this one to be quick!


Certainly one of the cheapest ways to transform your car, a performance exhaust frees up some of the power in your engine, giving it more bang for its buck. However, this is heavily dependent on the type of car you have. For many vehicles, the only output is a deeper rumble, although this might be something you desire anyway.

Dependent on what you’re after, you can choose to upgrade the back end of your car (known as the back box) or alter the whole system, to give you more power, a sleeker exhaust tip and greater fuel efficiency.


As you might expect, plastics include anything plastic on your car. This ranges from the grille to the bumper and headlights (technically, concealed in plastic but we’ll allow it). What you go for will depend on whether you’re after subtlety or big changes.

A custom grille can add a touch of flair and individuality to your car. It can also afford you protection from the elements, such as pesky stones. Bumper mods, on the other hand, can be are much more visible and will be more impactive if you’re looking to make a statement.


Seat covers are a great way to add some pizazz to the inside of your car, and provide a nice refresh from stained, worn upholstery. The benefit of upgrading your seat covers is that your choice is ultimately endless. It’s a really easy way to add some individuality to your car.

Car seats are easily affordable, but naturally the more you spend, the better your options are. It’s worth hiring a more expensive upholstery trimmer as they will be able to create that WOW factor you’re after. You can also complete the installation yourself, saving yourself some ££.


Tinted windows carry an air of mystery and prestige. But they also have a practical purpose, giving you some privacy behind the wheel. If the weather’s warm, tinted windows have a dual purpose, blocking heat from entering the car.

Be aware that tinting your window too dark carries ramifications with the law. Your front windscreen must let at least 75% of light through and the front side windows, 70. Window tinting is something you can carry out at home, however it’s a fiddly job and often best left to professionals.


Unless you harbour amazing special awareness, your car will get a ding or two over the years. There’s no avoiding hedgerows, stones and other cars. Luckily, all it takes is a lick of to get it looking brand new.

At Autoprep Repairs, we specialise in paintwork repairs. Our goal is to get your car back to its former showroom glory and to do this, we use the latest technology and software to sort scratches, scuffs and chips.

We even offer paintwork detailing for the small scratches that make a big difference to the look of your car.

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