Commuting. Often the worst part of the working day. Well, that and the 4-hour meeting that your boss has just scheduled.

Whether you spend an hour behind the wheel every morning or get your exercise in by cycling, the commute to work can really feel like a drag.

But – and here’s the shocker – it doesn’t have to.

Here’s a round-up of some ways to make your commute suck less and to make it genuinely enjoyable.

Treat your ears

A commute is made a lot more bearable if you whack on some sounds. Whether you’re an 80’s power ballad kind of person, a podcast enthusiast, or an audiobook fanatic, you can almost guarantee that your commute will fly by just by cranking up the sound.

Sing along – we won’t judge.

Make it less stressful

This is going to strike fear into your very soul. Your journey to work will be a lot more enjoyable if it’s less stressful and more leisurely. So, you might want to think about setting off a little earlier.

Now hear us out. Yes, getting up 10 minutes earlier than usual seems like a horrendous idea. But there’s nothing like knowing that you can take your time enjoying the views on the way to work. It definitely beats angrily shouting at other commuters for being in your way.

Imagine how awesome your workday will be if you arrive feeling zen and refreshed.

Mix up your route

It’s incredibly boring doing the same route every day. With so many gorgeous driving routes in Devon, it would be a crying shame not to explore them.

Plus, you might find that your new routes are quicker and more enjoyable than your usual.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out our list of the best driving routes in Devon. Hopefully, your long commute is along one of these beauties!

Get in the zone

Anyone who’s ever had a brainwave whilst having a shower knows that some of our best ideas strike us when we’re alone with our thoughts.

Your commute to work is a chunk of time which you can spend solely on yourself, with no distractions or demands.

Using this time to reflect on your ideas and thoughts can lead to some serious inspiration. You might find that you can solve a serious problem for a client or come up with a solution to a bit of office politics.

Having said this, please focus on the road. We don’t want you to have an idea so good that it ends in an accident.

Ditch the drive

Let’s face it. We’d all rather not commute if that were an option. If your employer offers flexible working, definitely consider working from home once a week.

Your productivity will go through the roof with that extra time working (or in bed – again, we won’t judge). This also puts you in a happier frame of mind since you’ve managed to balance your working life with your personal life.

But for the days when you actually commute, you’ll find that making these small changes can make the world of difference.


Now, pump up that radio and get yourself on the road!

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