If you’ve shopped for a car on Marsh Barton more than once;  spent your morning commute stuck on the M5 between J26 and J31, or swerved to avoid an octopus, then it’s official – you must be from Devon.

In a normal day, a normal driver in a normal part of the UK will contend with rush hour and the odd traffic light. But oh no, not us Devonians.

So let us nod in unison and raise a glass in mutual understanding to the following things that a local driver will appreciate.

Driving through Devonshire lanes takes a level of concentration most Mensa members would be proud of

Our lanes are seriously narrow with no shortage of sharp, jagged walls that sneakily reach out and chip away at your paintwork. God forbid you should meet someone driving in the other direction. Carrying out the same manoeuvres in reverse takes crazy levels of skills.

In the summer, we can expect a million cars and only 2 car parks

We boast some of the most picturesque seaside resorts in the UK, like Sidmouth, Torquay and Ilfracombe. But all that beauty comes at a cost. In the summer, everyone wants a piece of the Devon coastline. With the roads at bottleneck, the process of getting from one part of town to another can take half a day. And let’s just forget parking.

But nothing is slower, or more inconvenient, than a tractor

In the wise words of Michael McIntyre “tractors are normally adjacent to a field! You have big wheels…drive on the field!”.

We’re only half-kidding farmers ?.

Dartmoor’s livestock must have superpowers – how else can they magically appear from nowhere?

One moment you’re tootling along with the window down, enjoying The Breeze (local pun for those in the know), the next you’re swerving out the way of a foal. Let’s just say it’s not a good idea to surpass the speed limit on Dartmoor.

We like to put our shock absorbers to the test. Our roads are some of the most complained about in the UK for potholes

The stretch of road from West Serston towards Down St Mary near Crediton received a whopping 162 complaints between 2017/18. This makes it the 10th most complained about road in Britain. When you consider how many roads there actually are in Britain, that’s quite an achievement!

But amidst the obstacles and challenges, there’s no place we’d rather be. Driving in Devon is our favourite thing to do

The company. The sights. The smells (farmyards are what it’s all about). The no-holds-barred road customs of Rome and the bustling Parisian laneways have nothing on our little corner of the world. And we wouldn’t change a thing.

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