8 car gadgets worth investing in

If there’s one thing we love here at Autoprep Repairs, it’s driving. But if there’s one thing we love even more, it’s driving with lots of fancy gizmos in the car. From techy to traditional (non-electric) appliances, we’ve put together a list of the most useful car gadgets on the market at the moment.

  1. Clear heads up display navigation system

Any long-distance drivers that rely on their phones for guidance will understand the abject fear associated with taking your eyes off the road, even for a second. To combat this, a number of companies have designed a clever display that sits flush with the windscreen so drivers can navigate without ever taking their eyes off the road.

Cheap – HUDWAY Glass

Expensive – Navdy


  1. “Alexa, where is the nearest petrol station?”

For those that use voice search, it’s hard to remember how we existed before it. Which is why it’s such welcome news that Amazon have teamed up with Anker to bring Alexa into the car. The Roav VIVA, an in-car charger, now offers voice search, enabling users to play music, navigate, make hands-free phone calls and even remotely control smart devices in their home.

Buy on Anker


  1. Tyre pressure safety monitor

Weak tyres are one of the biggest contributors to car crashes. This is largely because people don’t give their tyres enough thought. Luckily, there are now a number of gadgets on the market that allow you to see your tire pressure in real time, so you can’t forget about them, detecting slow leaks and problems. These can exist in the form of apps, or digital screens that sit in your car.

Cheap – Mnioky TPMS Wireless Solar Powered Monitoring System
Expensive – Nonda Smart Tire Safety Monitor


  1. Quality car espresso

A great one for coffee lovers, who frequently sleep past their alarm. The Handpresso plugs into your cigarette port to give you an espresso on the move. The machine works using your own preferred coffee grounds or ESE espresso pods.

Buy on Handpresso.co.uk


  1. Rear-view mirror dashcam

Rear-view mirror cameras offer more than just security. The camera, which is attached to the back of the mirror, acts as a wide-view lens, enabling you to have a clearer view into what’s going on behind you. It makes reversing and manoeuvring easier and hides those pesky headrests. Some of the key features on the market include a water-resistant lens, so you can see through the rain, night vision, a warning system and touch screen.


Cheap – Maluokasa Dual Lens Dash Cam
Expensive – AUTO-VOX X2 Streaming Media Dash Cam


  1. Back seat organiser

A back seat organiser might not fit into the fancy tech pigeon hole, but they are incredibly useful all the same. We love this one because it’s cheap and cheerful, and it makes a huge difference to your car space. Fitting snugly over the back of your driver and passenger seat, back seat organisers house multiple compartments to fit all your necessary clutter, such as drinks bottles, snacks and car documents. Many even come with a tablet compartment, so you can keep your kids entertained on long trips.

Cheap – INTEY Car Seat Organiser Car Back Seat Organiser Multi-Pocket pack
Expensive – Pongaps Car Seat Multi Storage Bag


  1. Tile Mate – never lose your keys again

If you’re one of those people that religiously misplaces your keys, then you might want to add this one to the Christmas list. Tile Mate attaches to your keys (or even your bag, if you have a habit of losing that too) and enables you to ring it from your phone. It works both ways, so when you lose your phone, you can ring it from your keys! It’s easy on the wallet too, at just £17.99.


Buy at PC World

  1. Car vacuum

The difficult thing about cars, as we all know, is the infinite number of nooks and crannies for crumbs and ick to get into. Lightweight and compact, a car vacuum is generally the only way to get to the muck littering your car. They are more powerful than they look and remove unpleasant odours in the process.


Cheap –  Armor All 12V Car Vac
Expensive –  Dyson V7


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