Services We Provide


You know as well as we do that Devon has plenty of narrow lanes, and untrimmed hedgerows that don’t always agree with your cars paint work.

By using the latest in paint technology and systems, AutoPrep can offer you the highest quality paint repairs to scratches, scuffs and chips alike. AutoPrep are fully competent and accredited for our skills and the results are of show room quality.
AutoPrep also offer paint work detailing for those minor scratches. Put a shine back on your car.


Late for work? Hit that gate post again? or the neighbours car?

AutoPrep specialise in minor accident repairs including small dents to big dents, minor collision damage, scratches and scuffs.
With years of experience you can be assured that your car will leave our garage completely restored to its former glory.

With parking spaces becoming a thing of the past in Devon, Having someone ding your car door with their car door is becoming ever more a problem.For minor car park dents and dinks, AutoPrep are able to restore your cars body work to it’s original state without the need of painting.
By using this process AutoPrep are able to complete the work on the same day quickly and efficiently as well as saving you money.

How many times have you mounted the kerb and dreaded the thought of looking at your alloys?

AutoPrep are able to completely restore both painted and diamond cut alloy wheels in house.
There is no need to send your wheels away for repair as AutoPrep can take care of everything for you at our garage in Exminster, Devon.

We have all pulled out too quickly or at the wrong time – it happens.

We can repair all types of bumper knocks, dents, cracks and scuffs etc.
In most cases you will not need to purchase a new bumper as we can repair and repaint all bumpers as new using the latest bumper repair tools and technology.


Fancy a free ride? or a lift home?

While your car is being repaired at our garage in Exminster, Devon, AutoPrep can offer you the use of our courtesy car so that you may continue on with your day as normal. On returning to the garage your car will be waiting for you, repaired, washed and ready to drive.
For use of our courtesy car, please contact us in advance as Terms and Conditions apply.