Car Paint Work Repairs Exeter

Devon has plenty of narrow lanes, and untrimmed hedgerows that don’t always agree with your cars paint work, why you may need our car respraying service.

By using the latest in paint technology and systems, AutoPrep can offer you the highest quality paint work repairs to scratches, scuffs and chips alike our staff are fully competent and accredited for our skills and the results are of show room quality.

The images on the page represent a small number of the scratch and dent repair, paint blemishes and some of the more common repairs we undertake. Most repair’s are different and as such they will vary in price however you can be assured of our Trade Prices for everyone guarantee and in comparison to traditional repair/replace methods you will certainly be pleased with the significant savings we will make you!

To be able to perform these repairs under varying conditions takes experience, high skill levels,quality materials and the knowledge of how to use them correctly. The products we use are some of the finest available, amongst others enviromentaly compliant water based paint which has been approved by the major car manufacturers worldwide.